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1. The Website

SKILL, French company with a capital of 1000 euros registered with the Companies Registry in Lyon under the company registration number 808 745 855 and with offices at 122 rue Anatole France – 69100 Villeurbanne, provides on its website : (hereinafter « the Website »), a paid platform for matches between online video games players.

2. Acceptance of Terms of Use

The access to the Website is subject to the acceptance by the players (hereinafter « the Players ») of the following terms of use (hereinafter « Terms of use ») and all supplemental terms as amended from time to time.

The acceptance of the following Terms of Use is required to register on the Website. This acceptance is materialized by the act of the Player clicking on the « Sign Up » button when registering.

Without this acceptance of the Terms of use, the registration on the Website will not be validated nor authorized.

3. Definitions

Specific terms and expressions used in these Terms of Use have the following meanings (whether used in the singular or plural) :

  • "Bonus" means a variable amount of money granted by the Site to the Player according to the conditions set forth herein, as the matches are played and won by the Player.
  • "Chat" means a messaging system that allows Players to communicate with each other through instant messages.
  • "Commission" means all deductions made by the Site as commissions on transactions made by the Players on the Site. Commissions deductions by the Site are of a fixed amount (on deposits by the player) or variable amount (depending on the Room that the Player integrates in order to take part in a Match).
  • "Account" means the personal account created by the Player on the Site, which contains his/her personal information (identification, bank account number, game statistics etc.). The Player can access his/her Account with a Login and a Password that he/she has defined at the creation of his Account.
  • "Terms of Use" means the following Terms of Use of the Site. They must be fully agreed to by the Player when creating his/her Account.
  • "Deposit" means the money credited by the Player to his/her digital "Wallet" available on his/her Account to be used on the Site.
  • "Bank charges" means any expenses incurred by the Player's bank, in particular in the case the Player’s bank is not located in the Eurozone.
  • "Gift code" is a sequence of characters allowing the Player to benefit from a gift. This code is freely granted by the Site to the Player. Once filled in the relevant form on the Player’s Account and validated, the code will credit the Player Account with a sum of money he can use according to the conditions set forth herein.
  • “Login" means the username chosen by the Player to access the Site.
  • "Videogames" means existing videogames that will be used for the Matches. Several Games are available on the Website and can be chosen by the Players to play matches. The concerned list may evolve.
  • "Player" means a person who uses the Site. All Players have read and accepted the Terms of use and have signed up.
  • "Lobby" means a list on which players can view "Rooms" available and from which they can join the Room they have selected.
  • "Match" means a match organized on the Site between two or more Players on the Videogame they have chosen.
  • "Buy-in" means the amount the Player must pay when he joins a Room. The amount is different depending on the Room chosen.
  • "Password" means the password chosen by the Player when creating his/her Account to access the Site.
  • "Game" means a confrontation between two players in the Videogame they have chosen for the Match.
  • "Room" means a virtual room in which Players can interact via a Chat (instant messages).
  • "Wallet" means a virtual wallet available to the Player only from his/her Account on the Site. It holds the amount of money the Player has credited or won and that he/she can use and play with on the Site.

4. Creation and Deletion of an Account on the Site

4.1. Restrictions to the creation of an Account

The following cannot create an Account on the site:

  • Those aged under 18 or who do not have the legal capacity.
  • Those under the age of which online gaming is legal in their jurisdiction.
  • People connecting to the Site in jurisdictions from where it is illegal to do so.

The Site is not able to verify and ensure that the access to the Site is legal with regards to the specific regulations of each national jurisdiction. The Player is therefore sole responsible for verifying this by themself.

An individual may only hold one Account.

Employees, officers, directors, shareholders, investors, representatives of the Site as well as their parents and persons belonging to their respective families (defined as parents, husband / wife, brothers / sisters and children), and any person residing in the same household as well as partners and affiliates, promotional agencies and communication partners of the Site, are NOT eligible for the creation and use of an Account on the Site.

4.2. Creation and validation of an Account

In order to create an Account, the Player must fill in, in the appropriate form on the Site, a Login of his/her choice, a unique and secret Password, a valid email address and his/her country of residence. The Login and Password must be defined in accordance with the rules set out on the concerned page.

This information is strictly personal. The Player must ensure confidentiality and ensure that they are not used by others. Accordingly, when the username and password of a Player will be used, there will be a presumption that it is the Player who uses them.

Following the click on the « Sign-up » button, the Player will receive an email inviting him/her to click on a confirmation link. This link allows us to verify the validity of their email and will redirect the Player to the Site.

It will then be asked of the Player his/her date of birth to verify that he/she is over the age of majority according to the regulations of his/her country of residence.

Moreover, the Player must be able to provide information accepted by the Trulioo solution (© Trulioo) or a valid ID document.

It is also stated that the Site reserves the right to ban the access to the Site to a Player if he/she were to use an ID that is not his/hers.

Once the information are sent to our intermediary (Trulioo), the Player must fill his/her personal information, that is to say his/her name, and date of birth.

We then ask the Player to give some information about the Videogames available on the Site; such information is not mandatory and the Player is free to answer these questions or not.

The last step for playing on the Site is the acceptance of the Player’s ID documents or information.

If the player is not over the age of majority, or has no valid ID papers, or if the information provided is not validated by Trulioo, then the access to the Site will be denied. The user will be able to start creation process again from the date of birth stage.

4.3 Deletion of an Account

4.3.1. A Player may request deletion of his/her account at any time. To do so, the Player simply needs to send an email to the Site at the following address:

His/her request will be processed within 3 business days. A confirmation email will be sent to the Player.

4.3.2. The Site reserves the right to permanently delete any Account of a Player who has infringed the Terms of Use.

4.3.3. In both cases, it is specified that the amount of money remaining in the Wallet of an Account that has been deleted will be reimbursed to the Player according to the conditions and limits provided in Article 6.2.

5. Deposit / Withdrawal/ Money Laundering

5.1 Money Deposit

To play a Match, the Player must recharge his/her Wallet on his/her Account.

5.1.1. In order to credit the money into his/her Wallet, the Player must have created and validated his Account as provided for in section 4.2.

5.1.2. In order to credit the money into his / her Wallet, the Player must also have a valid means of payment and be the holder of such means of payment.

Only means of payment accepted by the payment platforms used by the Site to manage financial transactions, as instance "Stripe" (Stripe company), will be authorized to recharge an Account. The current authorized means of payment will be brought to the attention of the Player at the moment of the Deposit.

Deposit is credited to the Wallet as soon as Stripe has validated the transfer.

It is stated that the Terms and conditions of Stripe or the concerned payment platform, will be brought to the attention of the Player at the time of the creation of his / her Account.

5.1.3. Deposit limits are:

  • Minimum Deposit: five (5) euros
  • Maximum Deposit: unlimited (subject to the bank authorization)

5.1.4. It is stated that a fixed Commission of one (1) euro and a variable Commission covering the bank fees will be charged by the Site for each Deposit made, regardless of the amount of the concerned Deposit.

5.2 Withdrawal from the Player’s Wallet

5.2.1. In order to get back the money credited on his / her Wallet, the Player must have either a bank account identified by an IBAN and BIC number (or SWIFT) or a PayPal account, and have filled in the concerned information on the Site at the latest at the time of the withdrawal request.

The amount that can be withdrawn by the Player shall be at least five (5) Euros.

Authorized withdrawals will be credited to the Player’s bank account or PayPal account that have been provided by the Player on the Site. Note that the Site will not take any commission on Withdrawals but interbank charges may be applied by the Player’s bank. Player shall inquire about these potential costs from his / her bank, in particular if his / her bank is not domiciled in France.

If a Player has not received the amount withdrawn within 10 days, he / she can contact the support service: It is hereby reminded that the Site will not be held responsible for difficulties arising in the transfer in case bank details provided by the Player in his / her withdrawal request are incorrect, incomplete or invalid.

5.2.2. The Player may request the withdrawal of amounts accumulated in his / her Wallet at any time, except in cases where his / her Account has been blocked by the Site, especially if the Player has been subject to sanctions as defined in Article 10.

If necessary, in order to release the Account, information may be requested from Player such as:

  • Document issued by his / her bank that testifies the link between the Player and the concerned Account
  • Confirmation of the transfer from the Account
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of address

5.3 Money Laundering

The Site reminds the Player that they are asked to provide personal identification documents so that a Deposit or Withdrawal can be made. This avoids the Site being used for money laundering or fraud.

The Site is committed to cooperating with Stripe (© Stripe) or any other payment platform concerned, and may be required to provide any information relating to a Player's Account to the competent jurisdictions or authorities.

6. Bonus et Gift Codes

6.1 Gift Codes

A Gift Code is a sequence of characters corresponding to a predetermined amount of money, expressed in euros, granted by the Site to the Player. This allocation is occasional and at the Site’s discretion.

When the Player provides the Gift Code in the corresponding section on the Site, the preset amount is automatically credited to the Player’s Wallet.

It is specified that the amount of money credited thanks to the Gift Code can be withdrawn by the Player only if the following conditions are filled:

  • Twice the amount credited thanks to the Gift code was won during the matches won by the player

In case of proven or suspected fraud or cheating by the Player as defined in Article 10, the Site reserves the right to cancel a Gift Code still present in the Wallet Player without notice.

Moreover, the Site reserves the right to cancel at any time a Gift code that has not yet been activated by the Player, without notice.

6.2 Bonus

A Bonus is a sequence of characters, entitling to a certain amount of money allocated from time to time by the Site for example to thank the Players who regularly attend Matches on the Site.

To benefit from this money, the Players concerned must first activate the Bonus that has been allocated to them by filling in the code into the box provided at the time of a Deposit.

Then there are different levels they can reach in accordance with the amount of Commissions they generate for the Site, depending on the money they credit on their account or depending on their participation in Matches.

Each time a level of Commissions is reached, a part of the amount of the Bonus is released and credited to the Player’s Wallet.

For each bonus, several levels must be achieved during the period of validity of Bonus, to benefit from the entire amount in question.

For example, a Player receives a bonus allowing him/her to unlock up to 10 euros for up to 4 months. The sum is released over 5 levels in increments of 4 euros to 20 euros.

If during the 4 months the Player reaches Level 1 and Level 2 based on Commissions that have been generated on the Site thanks to him/her during this period, he/she will be credited successively 2 euros when reaching Level 1 and 2 euros when reaching Level 2. However, as levels 3, 4 and 5 have not been reached, his/her Wallet will not be credited with the remaining 6 euros of the Bonus. If Level 3, 4 and 5 are reached during the 4 months, the entire amount of 10 euros will be credited.

In case of proven or suspected fraud by the Player as defined in Article 10, the Site reserves the right to cancel the Bonus; Player can no longer benefit from this advantage and no compensation for non-unlocked levels can be claimed.

In addition, the Site reserves the right to cancel a Bonus that has not been activated yet without notice.

7. Currency

All transactions on the Site are exclusively expressed in Euros.

When a Player wants to credit an amount of money in a currency other than the Euro on his/her Wallet, our banking intermediary (Stripe or any other payment platform) collects this amount on the Player’s bank account provided on the Site by the Player and the conversion rate of the Player’s bank will be applied. It is reminded that the Site has no control over the conversion rate used. For more information on conversion rates, the Player must contact his/her bank.

8. Participation in Matches on the Site

8.1 Videogame Selection

The Player wishing to participate in a Match on the Site must first choose the VideoGame on which he/she‘d like to play from the "Home" section. The list provided in this section may evolve with new Videogames available being added by the Site.

The first time a Videogame is selected, information related to the Player’s account on the concerned Videogame will be requested. This step will enable access to all Rooms of the concerned Videogame. This step should only be done once.

8.2 Participation in a Match

Once the desired Videogame is selected, the Player can enter a Room of his/her choice.

Each Room is defined by a name and an amount in Euro corresponding to the Buy In that the Player must pay when he joins the said Room. The amount of the Buy In is taken from the Player’s Wallet until the outcome of the Match.

Moreover, the Site also deducts from the Player’s Wallet the amount corresponding to its fees as defined in Article 12.

It is reminded that no credit is given by the Site. Therefore, a Player can access the Room of his/her choice insofar as he/she has in his/her Wallet the amount required to cover the amount of the Buy In and also the amount of the Commission.

It is reminded as well that in agreeing to join a Room, the Player acknowledges that he/she has read all information provided concerning the exact nature of the Match and the features of the concerned Room (Videogame concerned, amount required, name of the Room ...). The Site will make no refund or compensation in the event of an error of the Player in the choice of a Room.

8.3 Launch of the Match

To start a Match, it is necessary that the number of players as required in the description of the Room is reached. Once the required number of players is reached, everyone must check the "I'M READY" box. The Match will start and a series of instructions will appear instructing each Player on how to join the Game. Until all the concerned Players of the Room have not clicked on "I’M READY" box, the Match will not start.

8.4 Cancellation of a Match

When a match is started, it cannot be directly canceled by the Players.

However, all Players participating in the Match can send a cancellation request by email to The reason given for the cancellation request may be technical (such as a Player who failed to join the Game) or any other kind. The application will be reviewed by the Site that will give positive or negative answer as soon as possible.

In case of cancellation, all amounts paid by Players to join the Room, that is to say the Buy In and the Commission, will be refunded immediately on the Wallet of each Player concerned.

8.5 Match Result

At the end of the Game depending on the Videogame used for the Match, the winner or winners will be designated manually or automatically.

8.5.1. In the case of a manual retrieval of the result, one of the Players at least must provide evidence of the result so that the Site can validate or not the result of the Match manually obtained. This evidence asked depends on the Videogame used for the Match and when required will be requested in any case, at the end of it.

If no evidence is provided by one of the Players, the result of the Match will be on hold and sums involved will not be distributed until one of the Players gives evidence of the result on the Site or via email.

8.5.2. In case of automatic retrieval, Players have nothing to do and the Site will automatically update the result of the Match when the Game is over.

However, in the event that a problem would occur during the automatic retrieval of the result, the Site will contact by email with all the Players to determine the outcome of the Match. If the result can not be determined without a doubt, the Match will be cancelled by the Site according to the conditions defined in section 8.4.

Note that the Site will not be held responsible if the automatic retrieval system is not able to update the Match score correctly. If necessary, Players can send a mail to

Once the result is sent to the Site manually or automatically, Players can find a summary of the Match on the Bankroll page of the Site.

8.6 Gain or loss of money

A Player can win or lose money based on the results obtained during his/her Matches. These winnings and losses impact the amount of money in his / her Wallet.

In the case where a Player loses a Match, the Buy In paid to join the concerned Room is lost.

In the case where a Player wins a Match, an amount equal to twice the Buy in paid to join the Room, will be credited to his/her Wallet.

It is reminded that the sums earned by a Player at the end of a Match cannot be withdrawn and credited immediately to the bank account of the Player.

The Site requires a minimum of 72 hours between the result of the Match and the withdrawal by the Player, in order to be able to deal with potential disputes concerning the outcome of the Match.

8.7 Complaint on the outcome of a Match

At the end of a Match, each Player can contest the outcome of the Match, and request that in both cases a manual or automatical update of the result. To that purpose, the Player may launch an inquiry via the link "File a complaint" on the Score summary page of the Match.

The Site will ask the Player to provide as much information as possible to facilitate the investigation. The Site reserves the right not to accept an application if there is not enough evidence in support to the Player’s request.

The Site shall not be held responsible for any difficulty concerning the outcome of a Match and the distribution of winnings between the Players, if the evidence provided is not sufficient to give a favorable response to the complaint of a Player.

9. Cheating / Fraud, EAP and Bots

9.1 Cheating / Fraud

By participating in the Matches on the Site, each Player agrees to play in good faith, in accordance with the Terms of use and without cheating or fraud.

Any system, method, tool, technique, trick designed to and / or that might harm the integrity of the Videogames and / or results of the Matches, will be considered by the Site as fraud.

Any Player responsible of cheating or fraud will be sanctioned by the Site under the conditions defined in Article 10.

9.2 External assistance Programs (EAP)

External Assistance Programs to Players during Games are prohibited by the Site. A Player who uses an EAP holds indeed an unfair advantage to other Players of the Game.

The Site defines as unfair advantage the situation where the Player accesses information regarding the Game that he would not have if he was using the Videogame in the normal conditions as defined by the editor of the said Videogame.

Any Player using EAP will be sanctioned by the Site under the conditions defined in Article 10.

9.3 Automatic Players (BOTS)

The use of artificial intelligence represented by automatic Players (also called robots and bots) is strictly prohibited on the entire Site and during the Games.

Any Player using BOTS will be sanctioned by the Website under the conditions defined in Article 10.

10. Sanctions

In the event that a Player does not respect the Terms of Use of the Site, one or more sanctions will be applied, including:

  • Temporary suspension of his/her Account for a period defined by the Site. The Player can no longer join a Match or withdraw money of his/her Wallet
  • Deletion of the Account
  • Temporary blocking of all amounts credited to the Account with an inability to withdraw money present in the Wallet
  • Suspension or deletion of Bonuses
  • Deletion of Gift codes
  • Banishment of the IP address of the Player.

The choice of the sanction applied is freely defined by the administrators of the Site.

In case of difficlties falling under French law, the Site may also file a complaint with the relevant judicial authorities.

In all cases, the Player will be notified of its sanction by email as soon as possible.

11. Publication of public information concerning the winner

The Player agrees that his/her login can be used for promotional and advertising purposes throughout the Site and in all types of media. The Player also agrees the result of a Match linked to his/her login can be used throughout the Site and in all types of media.

In case the Site would need to use additional information to such promotional communication (such as the sums involved, time of Match ...) a prior request should be made by email to the Player. In case no response is given by the Player, the Site will consider that the answer is negative.

12. Responsible Participation in Games

If the Player wishes to limit the amount of his / her monthly deposits on the Site, he/she may do so by sending an email to

If a player wants to see his / her Account disabled as a precautionary measure in order to avoid risky behavior, he/she can also be requested by email to

13. Site’s Commissions

The Site is funded through Commissions of two types:

  • For each Deposit in the Wallet, a fixed fee of one euro is applied and collected by the Site
  • When a Player is in the lobby and wants to join a Room, the "Buy-in" column indicates the Buy In to pay to join the Room. A Commission is added to the amount of the Buy In and collected by the Site

Below are listed all possible cases of Buy in / Commission applied where Buy In / Commission = commission rate compared to the amount of the Buy In:

  • 0.5 / 0.05 = 10%
  • 1 / 0.1 = 10%
  • 2 / 0.2 = 10%
  • 5 / 0.5 = 10%
  • 10/1 = 10%
  • 12 / 1.2 = 10%
  • 15 / 1.5 = 10%
  • 20/2 = 10%
  • 30/3 = 10%
  • 50/5 = 10%
  • 65 / 6.5 = 10%
  • 80/8 = 10%
  • 100/9 = 9%
  • 150/12 = 8%
  • 200/15 = 7.5%
  • 250/18 = 7.2%
  • 300/21 = 7%
  • 350/24 = 6.85%
  • 400/27 = 6.75%
  • 450/30 = 6.6%
  • 500/33 = 6.6%
  • 600/38 = 6.33%
  • 700/43 = 6.14%
  • 800/48 = 6%
  • 900/53 = 5.88%
  • 1000/58 = 5.8%

14. Chat

The rules set out hereinafter are for dedicated IM system proposed in the Rooms.

Comments that are unlawful or contrary to morality (eg. obscene, indecent, libelous, pornographic, abusive, threatening, or related to harassment of any kind) are prohibited.

Use of asterisks or other masked characters to hide that kind of talk is not allowed.

Collusion (agreement between several Players to injure another player) is prohibited.

Players are forbidden from promoting any product or service, company or URL of any kind, except the address of the Site.

It is strictly prohibited to make statements that could reasonably be considered defamatory or detrimental to the image of the Site.

The Site reserves the right to remove any comments that violate these provisions and apply sanctions on offending Player as stated in Article 10.

15. Disclaimer

Notwithstanding the efforts of the Site to provide the highest quality of service and the highest level of security for its Players, the Site can not guarantee that its Site is free of errors, bugs or viruses and that access will be uninterrupted.

The Site shall in no event be liable for any direct, indirect damages resulting from the use (or misuse) of the Site (including, without limitation, damages resulting from loss or interruption of the Site).

The Player agrees that the Site shall in no event be liable for any damage or loss subsequent to piracy, fraud or unauthorized access or use of the Site or his/her Account.

The Site reserves the right to suspend, amend, or complete the Site without notice.

16. Responsibilities and guarantees of the Player

The Player acknowledges and agrees that there is a risk of losing money by participating in the Matches organized on the Site and the Site can not be held liable towards him/her for any loss.

The Player agrees to keep his Login and Password secret and confidential.

The Player acknowledges that he/she is solely responsible for their use of the Site.

The Player agrees to provide complete and accurate information as requested by the Site at the creation of his / her Account.

The Player agrees to update this information in the event that they would be subject to modification.

The Player agrees to create only one Account on the Site and access to the Matches organized on the Site through this unique Account.

The Player also agrees to prevent anybody from accessing the Site from his/her Account.

The Player agrees that the Site is not responsible for any diffulties that would result from communication network issues including Internet services.

The Player acknowledges that he/she is solely responsible for the payment of taxes on winnings earned by participating in the Matches organized on the Site.

The Player acknowledges that violation of these Terms of Use may be subject to sanctions as defined in Article 11.

In case of deletion of his/her Account by decision of the Site, the Player will not be able to register or access the Site without the written permission of the Site.

The Player agrees that any attempt to enter the system or an Account in an unauthorized manner, interfering with the rules or performance of the Site or deliberately damaging the Site, is subject to prosecution in civil or criminal courts and the immediate deletion of his/her Account.

17. Intellectual Property

All Site content ie. and not limited to: images, illustrations, graphics, photographs, animations, videos, music, texts are the property of the Site except for names of publishers, media, services and more generally companies or products mentioned that are the trademarks of their respective owners.

It is granted no rights to the Player on Site content and intellectual property rights relating thereto as are the sole property of the Site.

Any unlawful use of all or part of the Site content and intellectual property rights will be subject to an action before the competent judicial authorities.

18. Personal Data and Safety

18.1 Privacy Policy

Personal information is collected via forms provided on the Site such as the registration form or the form that allows a Player to update his/her profile.

The Site is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information collected. They will not be sold by the Site, or used for commercial purposes by an entity other than the Site.

18.2 Opposition Right and withdrawal right

The Site is committed to providing the Players with a right of opposition and of withdrawal with regards to their personal information.

The right of opposition is the possibility for Players to refuse to have their personal information used by the Site as mentioned in Article 12. The right of withdrawal is defined as the ability for Players to request that their information are deleted totally from the Site.

To exercise these rights, the Player may send his/her request:

  • By postal mail: SKILL SARL, 122 rue Anatole France 69100 Villeurbanne
  • By email:

18.3 Right of access

According to the French law named "Informatique et Libertés" from January 6, 1978 and as amended in 2004, Players have a right to access and have their information corrected. They can exercise this right by sending their request to:

  • By postal mail: SKILL SARL, 122 rue Anatole France 69100 Villeurbanne
  • By email:

18.4 Security

Personal information collected by the Site is kept in a secure environment. People working for the Site are required to maintain the confidentiality of this information.

To ensure the security of Players’ personal information, the Site uses the following measures: maintaining a high degree of confidentiality by integrating the latest technological innovations to ensure the confidentiality of Players transactions.

However, it is reminded that since no system can offer total security, there is still a risk when using the Internet to transfer personal information.

19. Terms of use of partners of the Site

The site uses the verification platform of identity information "Trulioo" of Trulioo society. By accepting the Terms of Use of the Site, Players agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of Trulioo.

The Site uses the payment platform "Stripe" created by the company Stripe. By accepting the Terms of Use of the Site, Players agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of Stripe.

By using any other payment platform on the Site, Players accept the terms and conditions of such payment platforms.

20. Modification of Terms of Use

The Site reserves the right to update or modify all or part of these Terms of Use at any time without notice.

It is therefore advised to the Player to regularly visit the Site to be aware of the current version of Terms of use.

By continuing to use the Site the Player acknowledges that he/she accepts amendments of Terms of Use.

21. Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

These Terms of Use are subject to French laws.

Unless otherwise provided by mandatory law, the Player agrees that, in relation to any claim, dispute or any disputes concerning the Terms of Use, competent courts will be exclusively those of the jurisdiction of Paris Court of Appeal

22. Severability and independence of contractual provisions

In the event that any provision of the Terms of Use is invalid, this will not affect the validity or enforceability of the other provisions of the Terms of Use.

23. Miscellaneous

The fact that the Site waives the breach of any provisions of this Agreement should in no way be construed as a waiver required for the implementation of this provision or any other provisions of the Terms of Use.

Legal mention relating to trademarks

Skill is a registered trademark of Ouiche Lorraine SARL. The names of editors, media, services and more generally of companies or products mentioned are trademarks of their respective owners. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved to Ouiche Lorraine.

In case of ambiguity between the different versions of the Terms of Use, the French version shall prevail.

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date of last update: Oct 9, 2015