Earn big money
playing your
favorite esport

What is Skill

Skill is a platform where you can play your favorites esport games and earn real money.

It's as simple as poker, you make a deposit on your online wallet, you join a room, you fight against your opponent, and if you win, you take you opponent's buy-in, it's that easy.

Gambling? Not at all.

A lot of people ask us about the legality of Skill, and we can assure you that our activity is entirely legal. Skill is not considered a gambling website because the games that we support are based on skill, there is no randomness involved, only talented players.

We're not a gambling website. If you're looking for a website with which you can gamble on esports games, maybe try n°21 Internet Street, a bit further along.

Guaranteed Result

Skill is third party client free, nothing to install, we aim to take care of all the details and let the players focus on their game, and only that.
To this end, our system automatically checks the result of each game and show the winner, to avoid any problems of disputes.
For a win in your game you're guaranteed to get the money resulting of it.

Win and get rewards!

Every game is competitive and you want your friends to know that you are the best?

Our rankings will show you how good you are and ladders allow you to be rewarded for every game you make, even if you loose.
From free rooms to real money rooms, everybody can win, so come on in and take your share of the prizes!

Supported Games

Skill Twitch Channel

Skill is about testing your level against the best players in the world.
Our channel gives you the opportunity to battle against a pro, and to be streamed live to thousands of people. So, do you think you can handle the pressure? Make sure to follow our Twitch channel and get ready for some action!

 Kaov is live everyday at 11am BRT.